Space Settings

You can manage the Approval Path definition list in the Confluence space.

There are two ways to open the Approval Path space settings:

  1. Click the Approval Path button in the left menu.

  2. Open Confluence space, go to Space Settings and in the “App links” section select “Approval path

You can view, add and remove approval definitions.

Changing approval definition will not affect started approval paths.



In the “Approvals” tab you can see a list of your approvals.

You can Filter it by:

  • page title,

  • approval definition,

  • originator,

  • assignee ( user in the current step),

  • status.

Approvals can be sorted by:

  • name,

  • status,

  • page title,

  • originator,

  • starting date,

  • last modification date.


In the “Activity” tab you can see a list of all actions in the space.


In the “Definitions” tab you can add definitions. You can also see and edit a list of all definitions.