Issue Field - User

Issue fields may be used to define steps in the approval process. For example, you may choose the approver to be the assignee or the reporter of an issue. You can also have a selected group of users with custom fields.
Table below depicts the steps you can use:


Standard issue fields

Custom issue fields

Standard issue fields

Custom issue fields


User Picker (single user)


Group Picker (single group)


Group Picker (multiple group)

Additionally, you can use the “Issue field - User” option to create a step for user/s mentioned inside the description of an issue. This option is available as “Description”.


In order for the description step to work, you must create a table with “Approval Path” header. Any users mentioned inside the table are then assigned to an approval step. Here is a template:

Approval Path

Approval Path



This can be a standard field or a custom field.

In the case of a custom field, you can use a user or multi-user select field.

Once user or users are determined this step behaves the same as User step