SAML / SSO - Setup guide

What is SSO

Single sign-on is an authentication solution allowing users to sign in to multiple systems using one set of credentials, companies benefit from this authentication scheme for multiple reasons including but not exclusive to,

  • Security

  • Time management

  • User experience

Benefits of using SSO

When using SSO, External Share will allow users to securely create and access accounts with minimum required credentials. Thanks to the use of a federated data system, it is possible to tighten security while making it convenient for users to access data.

How to enable SSO on External Share

On External Share, to benefit from this solution you will need to first set up an Identity provider account, once your account is set, you must configure the settings and connect it to External Share!

Here are examples of 2 Identity providers and how to set up for External Share,

If you are using a different identity provider, visit this page for general guide.

In order to enable SSO for external shares, simply navigate to the global settings of External Share and select the SSO configuration tab.

If you wish to strictly require SSO access from external users, you must require this option.

Require Corporate SSO login to access shared pages

After setting up the SSO, you may secure your shared pages by requiring external users to log in with single sign-on to access the page. This is especially useful when you share your Confluence content with coworkers that don’t have access to Confluence and you want to ensure that no information will leak outside your organization.

This option can be set on global and space levels as well as for a specific page.

Require SSO login globally
Navigate to global settings:

  1. Click on the “Apps” dropdown menu

  2. Select the “External Share” option


    Click on Space configuration tab

  4. Click on the “Edit default configuration” button


  5. Select the “Security tab”

  6. Require Cooperate SSO login

  7. Save


Require SSO login for a specific Space

  1. Enter the Space

  2. On the sidebar menu select the External Share option

  3. Navigate to Space configuration

  4. Security tab

  5. Require Cooperate SSO login


  6. Save


    Please ensure the SSO login is set to optional on Global settings.

Require SSO for a specific page

  1. Open the page

  2. Click on the “External Share” button located on the top right corner of the page


  3. Click on the “Create External Share link”


    Navigate to the security tab

  5. require Cooperate SSO Login



    Please ensure the SSO login is set to optional on Space and Global settings.

You can also require SSO for multiple Spaces by creating new global configuration.