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Approval Path for Jira

by Warsaw Dynamics
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What is the Approval Path for Jira?

Approval Path for Jira is an app for Jira Cloud. It is available on Atlassian Marketplace. It allows you to define and execute processes to approve your documents. You start with creating an approval definition. Approval definition is a container for steps. There are different types of those steps. You can read about the steps on a dedicated page.

The following features should be highlighted:

  • Centralized & Clear Status Insights - Get an instant overview of your approval process directly, with a glance view of which stage the approval is in, directly within Jira.

  • Approval Definitions - Re-use existing definitions. Users can browse existing definitions and start one of them.

  • Notifications at the right time - Everyone involved in the current approval step gets the call-for-action notification.

How to install the Approval Path for Jira?

  1. Please visit our Atlassian marketplace listing

  2. Press the “Try it free“ button (30-day free trial)

  3. Optionally. If you have access to more than 1 Jira instance, you may need to select a site to install an app



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