FAQ - Frequently asked questions

1. What is the difference between Approval and Consent action?

The distinction exists so you can easier transition the approval process from the current approach functioning right now in your organization. There is a difference in semantics between approval and consent.

You can use the distinction to better model your approval process.

From a technical perspective in the Approval Path application, there is no difference between approval and consent.


2. Why can’t I add a custom field to my approval path?

The fields that can be selected when creating “Issue field” steps are those available in the issue creation screen.

If you want to create an approval path with a field available on the issue view/edit screen, there is a workaround.

You need to:

  • add the custom field to the issue creation screen,

  • create an approval path,

  • remove the field from the creation screen.

This is caused by the limitation of Jira API.