Permission schemes

What are permission schemes?

Permission schemes allow you to limit or extend access of users to information and actions, on Approval Path for Jira, you can benefit from permission schemes on the project and issue levels.
You can find out more about permission schemes here.

Do I need to use permission schemes?

Permission schemes help you customize user access to information and actions, however, if you do not need to customize permissions, Approval Path has a default permission scheme in place.

Project default permissions

Project and global administrators can view the Approval Path project settings page and manage definitions:

  • Manage Approvals in the project - This will allow the user to view the project settings page.

  • Add new Approval definition - This will allow the user to create new approval definitions.

  • Edit existing Approval definition - This will allow the user to edit existing definitions.

Issue default permissions

By default, all users who can view the issue can view the Approval Path section and perform all approval actions on the issue, which include:

  • View Approval Path - This will allow the user to view the ongoing approval path.

  • Start new Approval - This will allow the user to start a predefined approval path from the list.

  • Reset ongoing Approval - This will allow the user to reset an ongoing approval path.

How to apply permission schemes

As an administrator, you can navigate to the global settings of Approval Path,

  1. Click on the “Apps” dropdown menu

  2. Select the “Approval path” option

  3. Select the “Permissions” tab

On the permissions page, you can enable permission schemes,

Changes to this page are automatically saved, you can now navigate to the permission schemes,

  1. Next to your profile, select the settings (⚙️)

  2. Select the “Issues” option

  3. Scroll down the side panel on the left side of the page

  4. Select the “Permission schemes” option

  5. Find the scheme that includes your project

  6. On the “Actions” column, click on the “Permissions” button

  7. Scroll down to the “Issue Permissions” section

  8. Find the “Approval Path” permissions

You can update these permissions (Add) or remove existing permissions; you can grant permissions using the following options:

  • Project Role

    • Administrator

    • Atlassian-addons-project-access - This will grant access to add-ons - More information.

    • Service Desk Customers

    • Service Desk Team

  • Application Access

    • Jira Software

    • Jira Core - This will grant access to Jira only excluding agile

  • Group

  • Public (Heads up: Anyone on the internet can perform these tasks if you grant permission to the 'Public' group.)

  • Any logged-in user

  • Service Project Customer - Portal Access

  • Reporter

  • Single user

  • Project lead

  • Current assignee

As well as custom fields:

  • User custom field value

  • Group custom field value

Changes to this page are automatically saved.

Leaving the permission fields empty will deny access to all users.

Global administrators and software administrators will always have access to view project settings