Approval Path

On every Jira issue page, you can start and run Approval Path.

You can find The Approval Path on the issue activity bar.
You can track progress, start, delete and archive an ongoing approval path and also see the current status, you can also run multiple approvals at once.

There are two main tabs when you access Approval Path on an issue.

  • New

  • Approvals


New approvals are available definitions that are ready to run, definitions can be created by admins in project and global settings.

On this tab (New) you can also change some parameters before starting the approval path.


  • Name

  • Expiration date

User can edit the approval for more flexibility as well as adding an expiration date for the approval path ongoing period. If the path will not be concluded by within the specified time period, the path is deemed “Expired” and will no longer be in progress.

The parameters do not change the steps or description of the definition, user may only change the title name in order to make it more relatable to specific approvals without the need to create definitions with the same steps from scratch.


The Approvals tab displays ongoing paths and provides a filter tool for user to find approvals based on the following variables,

  • Approval name

  • Status

    • In progress

    • Rejected

    • Approved

    • Archived

    • Expired

    • Any

  • Assignee

  • Originator

User can also delete and archive approvals on this tab.