External User step

You can specify external users, outside your organization (without access to Jira) to participate in the approval process. We will send an email with an invitation to an external user in case of first interaction. He will have to setup an account. Once an account is setup and the email address is confirmed, he can log in to the dashboard and see a list of awaiting approvals. An external user can setup an account beforehand by visiting https://app.approval-path.com/register.html. Page with accept and reject buttons will be displayed along with simplified page content. They might not see what your confluence user can see. In case the external user has to have access to the rich content page, we recommend sharing a page with External Share for Confluence. Created External Share links can be added to page content.

Action types:

Single user decision step. When the step is activated, then the external user will receive an email notification with a ‘call for action’. A message will come from the no-reply@mail.approval-path.com email address. The email will contain a link to the page with simplified Confluence page content and action buttons. The decision cannot be changed. An external user cannot reset approval.

Notification action

The user will be notified about current progress. He might be interested in knowing progress or result, but this person has no involvement in decision making.