Global view

The Global view is available only to administrators, users will see there tabs with their pending approvals and their API Keys.

To access the Global view:

  1. Click “Apps” on the top menu

  2. Click Approval Path for Jira

In the Global view you can find:


In the “Approvals” tab you can see a list of all approvals in all projects.

You can Filter it by:

  • project,

  • issue,

  • approval name,

  • originator,

  • assignee (a user in the current step),

  • status.


In the “Activity” tab you can see a list of all actions in all projects


In the “Definitions” tab you can see a list of all definitions in all projects, add new definitions and edit existing ones and also add global definitions.

To add a global approval path definition, you need to leave the “project” field empty.

Dynamic steps (issue field- user and issue field - group) are unavailable in global definitions


On the “Permissions” tab you can enable/disable Jira permission scheme for Approval Path, you can then grant or provoke permissions on project and issue level.

API keys

In the API Keys tab, you can see a list of API keys, create new API Keys and edit existing ones.