Keep track of actions

Internal users can monitor activities and actions that occur on external shares, including:

  • Visits

  • Additions

  • Editions

  • Updates

Details logged for each action:

  • Page name

  • Source

  • Comment section

  • Attachment section

  • Action

  • User

  • User email

  • Share

  • Date

  • External user IP address (Space and Global activity lists only)


  • Internal users can track link accesses.


  • Internal users can monitor added comments and attachments.


  • Internal users can see external user attempts to edit page content, even if not published.


  • Internal users can monitor external user updates to page content.


  • Internal users can monitor deletions of external user comments (note: external users can only delete their own comments).

Filter activity list

Internal users can filter individual shares and Space/Global activity lists.

Share activity list


Space activity list


Global activity list


User types

Two types of external users logged on the activity list:

  1. Authenticated users with username

  2. Anonymous users (access may vary depending on security config)

Authenticated users

Any external user that is logged in to External Share, these users have a user name.

Anonymous users

Any external user with access to the link, any activity on the page is logged even if the user is not Logged in to External Share.
Depending on the share’s security configuration, anonymous users may or may not have access to the share.