Multiple Approvals

Users may choose to have multiple approval paths run on the same issue or page simultaneously, this allows for faster and independent approval paths to happen.

All features including API are available for multiple approval paths

How to run multiple paths?

You can achieve this by simply adding additional path on the issue/page of your choice. Keep in mind that you still need to have approval definitions defined and ready to add.

Once you have your definitions, simply open the issue,

  1. Scroll down until you reach the “Activity” section

  2. Select the “Approval Path” option

  3. Select the “New” tab

  4. In order to start an approval, simply click on the play icon displayed on the right side of the path

  5. Once you start a path you will be directed to the “Approvals” tab

  6. Select the “New” again and start another approval

By default, you will see all ongoing approval paths, you can also use the “Filter results” option to narrow down or extend your search.

Filter results

The filter in this view is limited to the paths that have occurred on this particular issue.

You can filter approval paths by,

  • Name

  • Status (in progress by default)

  • Originator of the path

  • Assignee (This is the user with active step)
    For example, if “Peter” is selected the filter will look for any path in progress with Peter’s active step (waiting for Peter to approve).