IP restriction

What is an IP restriction?

IP restriction allows admins to limit access to specific portals/data by ensuring that the requesting IP address is predefined within an IP range or an “Allow list”. IP restriction adds an extra security layer and can be used to geographically limit access.

For example,
Devices inside your office space can be allowed access while any devices connected to a different IP address (for example, devices at home) will be denied access.

Admins can add multiple IP address in the range including masked IPs

How to set up IP restriction

In order to take advantage of this feature, simply follow the following steps:

  1. Collect and list the IP address/s you wish to allow access to

  2. Add the list of IPs to the “Access tab” in Global settings

How to get the IP address

You can simply type “What is my IP address” on google and copy the value.

Alternatively, you can use websites such as,

  • Whoer.net

  • showmyip.com

Please ensure your device is connected to the connection you wish to allow in order to obtain the correct IP address

How to enable IP restriction

  1. Navigate to global settings

    1. Click on the “Apps” dropdown menu

    2. Select the “External Share” app

    3. Select the “Global Settings” tab

    4. Select the “Access” tab

  2. Add your IPs to the “Allowed IPs” field (separated by a comma “,”)

  3. Save