Selected Users

Using our product External Share for Confluence now it is possible to share your Confluence pages for Selected External Users or any email address from selected domain.

This feature offers a robust extra layer of security for your data. If you have data on a Confluence page that you want to make sure goes no further than the external user/s you’re sending it to, then you can restrict the visibility of the page to just those users.


The “Selected Users” tab is available on the share form.

By default “Share only with the following users” option is disabled, you need to enable it.

A user's email address or domain can be added using the enter button on the keyboard or pasted from the clipboard using the Ctrl+V shortcut. Values can be modified or removed.

Please keep in mind that only valid email addresses can be used to communicate with users.

You can check the checkbox, so all newly added external users will receive an email notification when the share is saved.

Alternatively, you can click “Send via” so you can customize your email notification and send it to one or more users at a time of your choosing.


All selected users will receive an email message with information about the shared link.

Link is accessible only for logged in users who have an External Share for Confluence account.


A list of all external user shares is available on the Dashboard.

More information about registering an account on our platform could be found here.



You can allow share access only for users with specific email addresses or any email address from a specific domain. It can be done on two levels: global spaces configuration and space configuration.


Changing settings at higher levels affects saved values at lower levels -

  • if the space configuration settings and the global spaces configuration settings conflict, the settings from the global spaces configuration level will be used

  • if all the space configuration settings meet the conditions of the global spaces configuration settings, they will not be affected

  • if only part of the space configuration settings meets the conditions of the global spaces configuration settings, the common part of the settings will be used


To restrict on the space configuration level:

  • Go to Space Configuration,

  • Go to the “Selected Users” tab,

  • Add email addresses/domains and save.


To restrict on the global configuration level:

  • Go to Global Settings,

  • Go to Space Configuration,

  • Edit default or create a new configuration,

  • Open the “selected users” tab,

  • Add email addresses/domains and save

Now all links from spaces associated with that configuration will be shared only with selected addresses/domains.