Custom domain

By default, External Share for Confluence shares are available at main domain

To make your shares available at a non-External Share for Confluence domain (for example,, you need to configure a custom domain.

Configuring domain does not involve any additional fees.

Required steps

  1. Confirm you are the owner of the custom domain name. You can purchase a custom domain name using a domain registration service.

  2. Configure your DNS provider to point to the External Share for Confluence-supplied DNS target.

  3. Set your custom domain on Global Settings page.

  4. Confirm that your shares are accessible via the custom domain. There may be a delay in propagating DNS changes.

Configure DNS for subdomain

First you need to point your DNS provider to the External Share for Confluence domain DNS target

You usually configure a new CNAME record with your DNS provider to point it at External Share for Confluence.

The trailing . on the target domain may or may not be required, depending on your DNS provider.

Consult your DNS provider’s documentation for specific instructions on creating CNAME records.

Set custom domain

To set your custom domain in External Share application go to Global Setting page.


Go to the “Custom Domain” tab and enable custom domain.


The domain should contain more than 5 letters and/or numbers, and at least 2 dots. They should also start and end with a letter, e.g.


Any External Share links created by users on your Confluence instance (new and existing ones) will now include your custom domain.